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In cooperation… enja&yellowbird debut-CD by Eurasians Unity in the studios of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) in Berlin.

Funding is provided by „Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH“ with projectfunds of the representatives of the federal government for culture and media.

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Kinofilm von Josephine Links

„Wo Worte nicht hinreichen“

Dieser poetische Film über „Über 25 Jahre TFF-Weltmusikfestival“
u.a. mit Eurasians Unity, Karolina Cika und Torgeir Vassvik ist nun auf Frühjahrstournee durch zahlreiche deutsche Programmkinos.

Die ZEIT schreibt

„Ein vorzügliches Dokumentar-Portrait des Kosmos Rudolstadt … Der abendfüllende Film zeigt, woher die Musik kommt, sodann das paradiesische Fest.“

Upcomming Shows

Location Date Time Establishment
Weimar Friday, March 24th 7:00 pm Kino „mon ami“
Weimar Saturday, March 25th 7:00 pm Kino „mon ami“
Weimar Sunday, March 26th 7:00 pm Kino „mon ami“
Hoyerswerda Thursday, April 6th 7:00 pm Kino in der Kulturfabrik
Leipzig Sunday, April 9th 8:00 pm „naTo“
Jena Monday, April 10th 7:00 pm Blauer Saal im „Schillerhof“
Berlin Sunday, April 23rd 7:00 pm Kino „Krokodil“
Berlin Wednesday, April 26th 8:00 pm Kino „Krokodil“
Ratzeburg Monday, April 24th 8:00 pm Burgtheater
Mühlhausen Thursday, April 27th 7:30 pm Ratskellerkino
Darmstadt Thursday, May 11th 8:30 pm programmkinorex
Rudolstadt Tuesday, May 16th 8:00 pm Kino in den „saalgärten“

Der Film ist im Finale der Festival international du film sur l'art - Montréal 2017

EURASIANS UNITY (dir. Caroline Thon) RECEIVES THE World Music Award RUTH 2015 at the TFF Rudolstadt

Jury Statement

The first prize goes to the musicians from Bulgaria, Germany, Iran, Lebanon, Poland and Uzbekistan, because they practice international understanding on a high artistic level.... the main prize will be awarded to musicians who have set standards in recent years by their artistic work.

Ulf Herden, festival director Women in Jazz

The project "Jazz aus der Eurasischen Mitte" gets under its current name Eurasians Unity this year's World Music Award "Ruth". The director of the festival "Women in Jazz" congratulates the artists on this success and at the same time thanks all partners and supporters of this project for their help. The project was the festival project of the 9th Festival "Women in Jazz", was created in Halle and also celebrated its premiere in the Opera Hall on 8 February 2014.

Musical Metamorphoses as a mirror of intercultural encounters – Jazz meets music from Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and Iran

The first impulse was a clue about the rich and manifold cultural treasures existing outside of our European musical tradition in other regions of the world! Starting from the fact that e.g. oriental music has discovered the healing power of melodies (Maquams) already in the 9th century, or the spiritual / religious level to the rich polyrhythm of Bulgaria. In addition there are diverse forms of organization of the parameters contained in any kind of music such as melody, rhythm, harmony and expression.

It's thus a matter of curious and respectful exchange on the wonderful level of music!

By re-mixing all music inherent parameters - just as if looking through a prism - by the specific participants of "Eurasians Unity", a mutual cultural exchange for musicians and listeners shall be achieved and perceived as a concert experience.

The choice of the musicians for "Eurasians Unity" was determined by the desire to create the best conditions for an intense musical and cultural exchange with the most possible openness!

So all participants have a rich experience in cooperating with international artists and the associated openness to "otherness" and "strange" in common. On the other hand some of the artists are strongly connected with the culture of their own country and their folkloric elements while another part has concluded European-founded Jazz Studies. The folklore of those countries meets jazz idioms paired with the greatest joy of joint improvisation!

On the occasion of their premiere in the "Alte Oper" in Halle (recorded by MRD) supported by the Goethe Institute, the German Foreign Office and the Arts Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt, at that time still titled "Jazz aus der eurasischen Mitte", the artists got standing ovation from the 650 spectators.


Tamara Lukasheva (vok) - Ukraine / Feruza Ochilova (voc, Dutar, Doira) - Usbekistan / Negar Bouban (oud) - Iran / Veronika Todorova (acc) - Bulgarien / Salman Gambarow (P) - Aserbaidschan / Alex Morsey (b, tb) - Bodek Janke (dr, perc) - Polen / Caroline Thon (ld, sax) - Deutschland

Press Reviews 2015


„The high point of the festival was the concert of Eurasians Unity. The concept of Caroline Thon and her band worked: Everybody passes a composition or a favorite piece to another bandmember to arrange it, the ensemble rehearses it and puts it on stage. The proceedings cumulated in a sheer unbelievable session of about 20 musicians.“ (Jan Kobrzinowski 08/2015)

NEUE OSNABRÜCKER ZEITUNG: Fascinating Doubleconcert

„A „crazy energie“ is beeing released, says drummer Bodek Janke, and that exactly happens, when the band mixes Jazz with traditional Folkmusic. You meet there a very colorful mixture of instruments, typical Jazz-instruments, but also accordion, ud or dutar. So a very funny dialogue between sousaphone und saxophone can take place.“ (Michael Gründel, 07/2015)


„Eurasians Unity met with enthusiastic reactions at their premier in the Opera of Halle. The Ruth-Jury called it a meeting of the cultures on a high artistic level“ (Stefan Franzen, 4/2015)

FESTIVALSITE-TFF: RUTH-The German Worldmusic-prize

„Some project-ideas remain merely well-meant. Others result in great concerts. Eurasians Unity is such a case is perfectly entertaining, and the visible pleasure of the musicians directly projects to the audience.“ (Fruit Media, 03/2015)


„Musicians between Balkan and near Orient, women, transcending borders – that sounds suspiciously correctness. Would that be a problem? Yes, if it was the only thing positive one could mention. Luckily, it isn't, the octet delivers a suspenseful musical meeting of high artistic quality. Musically absolutely worthy of a prize! „(03/2015)


„No, not that Ruth. We are talking about the Worldmusic-prize that goes by this name. This time it goes to Caroline Thon and the musicians of Eurasians Unity-world wide best wishes!“ (03/2015)


„EURASIANS UNITY is awarded with Worldmusic-prize RUTH 2015 at the TFF Rudolfstadt-MELODIVA sends best wishes“ (02/2015)


„Every year at the beginning of July the TFF Rudolstadt donates the Worldmusic-prize RUTH in different categories. Already the winners are known. Eurasians Unity, a collective of bulgarian,german, persian, libanese, polish and usbek artists gets the main prize for „practical meeting of the cultures“ with „Jazz from the eurasian center“ (Christian Bröcking and Martin Laurentius 01/2015)


„This year the german Worldmusic-prize "RUTH" was, among others, awarded to two people, who gave impulses to the scene from Cologne, but into other regions and for a long time: Caroline Thon with her ensemble Eurasians Unity and Werner Fuhr, produzer and editor for musical cultures at WDR 3.“(01/2015)

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Raisa has some very nice pictures of our 2014 rehearsals on her website. At that time called „Jazz aus der eurasischen Mitte“

Also checkout the live performance at the Morgenland Festival in Osnabrueck 2015 on YouTube.


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